DISCLAIMER: Blue Castle Ventures LTD does not trade cryptocurrencies or carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies, all the Company’s operations are in US dollars. The blockchain is our cryptography and security system on which our operations are based.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about our business

1. What is Blue Castle Ventures LTD?

Blue Castle Ventures LTD is a leading strategy developer in the world’s financial markets, with Digital-Certificates, Trader Training, a variety of options perfectly tailored for your life’s interests by giving financial freedom. Our global team works to help our capital partners achieve their financial goals by developing models and simulations and delivering custom-made solutions. These solutions help our customers understand the stock market.


3. Who controls BCVD Network?

Blue Castle Ventures does not control the network, but it has verification systems in place in order to guarantee transparency in our operations and a fair and safe environment for our users. All the information is written in the blockchain and copied in each one of our user’s wallets so if there is an attack the information is safe because it is impossible to know where all the nodes are at.


5. Do people use BCVD?

Yes, people have been using BCVD since the beginning of 2020 and there are many customers who have amazing results up to +213.58% of profit in a year with virtually zero risk and guaranteed first deposits, in which if you lost your money, we would give you back the total of your deposits plus banking interest. No other company is as confident as us to give such guarantee and we do it because we have built a metaverse fortress to protect and foster your digital assets.


7. How difficult is to make transactions?

Not at all, you select from which account to which account you want to transfer funds and the system does the rest for you. Also, you can opt for the algorithm to buy and sell Digital Art for you so you can go and enjoy the world while our AI is handling your business.


9. What are the disadvantages?

NFTs  are still a gray area in Canada and many parts of the world and even us being one of the few companies in the planet who have submitted to regulation we are still waiting for updates in the everchanging law so that might present discomfort in some customers but we have one of the most well-known law firms in Canada, PITBLADO LLP on our side keeping track on those regulations and adapting our business from a legal standpoint so we can guarantee a safe and fair environment for our users.


11. Can I make money with BCVD?

Indeed, the sooner the better! As we have pointed out before our customers have made more than 200% in a year with virtually no risk because they believed in our work ethic and our attention to detail when it comes to the legal framework so we can be part of the mainstream banking system.


13. Does BCVD have any financial collateral?

Yes, each BCVD is backed up by one United States Dollar.


14. Is BCVD anonymous?

Yes and no! We say it is anonymous because you can use the wallet on your computer and phone and those transactions are not traceable. We also say no because if we need to track payments or movements of currency, we can find them using our own company ledger system.


16. Is BCVD legal?

We comply with all regulations in all legal frameworks, so it is legal. Canada is one of the countries that pride themselves of being free and open to new ideas. Since we comply with all developments in the law in our line of business, we will always do our best to keep BCVD legal.


18. How can I acquire Digital's Art with Blue Castle Ventures LTD?

It is very easy, you open an account in our platform, buy BCVD and then use them to buy any Digital Art available in our network, all in one place, no third part wallets, everything secure in our blockchain.


20. How to handle my taxes?

Every year we send a statement in which we inform the customer how much money they have made, and each individual is responsible for filing their own taxes. Hopefully in the future we can connect with CRA in order to use T forms and make this easier.


2. What is BCVD (Blue Castle Ventures Dollars)?

It is our decentralized stable coin that uses a peer-to-peer payment network which guarantees a higher level of security of transactions and registry for digital assets. Also happens to be a stable coin which means every BCVD is backed up by one United States Dollar.


4. How does BCVD work?

BCVD have to types of platforms, one which is hosted in our website and another that can be downloaded to any user’s computer and phones. You have access to our system  24/7 as long as you have internet connection. You buy BCVD to purchase  in our platform, purchase our Digital Certificates for profit or just store them and see how they increase their value over time.


6. How to acquire BCVD?

This is why we are so popular; you just open an account in our website and directly you can buy BCVD using a wire transfer, PayPal and Interact transfer if you are inside Canada. You do not need third party wallets that risk your safety and your money. Also, it is so easy that you can join the NFT  world even if you are not a tech wizard, it is made for everybody.


8. What are the advantages of BCVD?

  • Reliable, well known and heavily regulated financial institutions are the foundation of our operation, so you know that we are integrated into the regular financial system.
  • You do not need third party wallets to buy or sell Digital- Certificates.
  • No “Gas fees”.
  • Easy to use and understand, if you have ever used online banking anywhere in the world, our system is as easy as that.
  • We comply with all banking regulations in Canada and abroad as well as we use KYC protocols to make sure that all our customers comply with the law.
  • Our Stable Coin has a real collateral that is why we can offer money back guarantees.

10. Why do people believe and trust Blue Castle Ventures LTD?

We are the only FINTECH company in Canada that is not fighting the financial system but has found through our legal aid a way to integrate digital assets into the banking system in a smooth and safe way for our customers to enjoy higher profits in these metaverse-like assets while enjoying the safety of the Canadian legal framework.


12. Is BCVD is totally virtual and immaterial?

Yes and no! We say yes because our point system is backed up by a FIAT currency which is the United States dollar however, nowadays even FIAT currencies are more virtual than material.


15. What happens if it BCVD are lost in a locked account?

Those BCVD will be lost forever, however since we have a total supply of 1 Billion, we can replace them so your money will not be lost.


17. What is Digital Art?

 Art Digital technically contain anything digital, including drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items in video games. Non-fungible means it is individual.


19. Is BCVD regulated?

We comply with all regulations in place for digital assets and the financial institutions that are the backbone of our operation are also the biggest, most stable and well-known of Canada and they comply to the financial watchdogs in Canada and abroad so we are regulated.


21. Is there any protection for consumers?

As we comply with all laws and regulations, we comply with consumer protection laws and also, we offer money back guarantee policies that show our commitment to establish a safe environment for our customers.

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