DISCLAIMER: Blue Castle Ventures LTD does not trade cryptocurrencies or carry out transactions or investments with cryptocurrencies, all the Company’s operations are in US dollars. The blockchain is our cryptography and security system on which our operations are based.

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Blue Castle Ventures LTD is a leading strategy developer in the world’s financial markets, with Trader Training Courses, Digital-Certificates, Real Art with Digital Certificate, a variety of options perfectly tailored for your life’s interests by giving financial freedom.

Our global team works to help our capital partners achieve their financial goals by developing models and simulations and delivering custom-made solutions. These solutions help our customers understand the stock market.

Our interviews in NASDAQ TV

David Rojas, Chief Executive Officer / Founder of Blue Castle Ventures LTD., is on New to The Street’s “Unstoppable – Segment.” From the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, David talks with Co-Hosts Jane King and Rhonda Swan about Blue Castles Ventures’ financial products. Sep 28, 2022

Second interview with David Rojas, CEO / Founder of Blue Castle Ventures LTD., in the “Unstoppable Segment” of New to The Street. From the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, David talks to Jane King about Blue Castles Ventures’ financial products. Dec 11, 2022

“Blue Castle Ventures LTD is a technology company that develops fintech products aimed to emulate and eventually replace current financial services. All our digital products have physical collaterals. We are the only company in the world that offers Digital Art with real collaterals. We also offer courses to teach our customers how not to fall for investment promotions and other schemes that can result in financial loss.” – Inc.com

Blue Castle Ventures in alliance with VISA develops the first Blockhain VISA card, being the first to integrate the traditional banking system with a Blockchain system, this integration could be carried out and we hope to integrate it into our line of services in November 2023. This money card will be connected with the main Wallet of our users’ account and can be used anywhere in the world as an international credit card and also for purchases. online!

Staying in touch with our clients as a solid and reliable company is key for us. We have an open dialogue with the media that recognize the responsible work we do as a company in terms of innovation and investment for the benefit of the public.

Take the Ultimate Trading Course with Our Lead Trader

 We are transparent in what we offer, and this is why we also present a training offer for traders.
It is an alternative for those who seek to know a little more about the management of investments in the stock market with relevant techniques and information that allows them to adapt firmly and consistently to the stock market world.

What We Do

We focus on developing unique profitable experiences to all our business clients, capital investors, and partners.

Think of us as a financial partner more than a resource.

In other words, we want to share a new perspective on how we can work together to achieve our clients goals.

Reach Your Financial Goals with any of Our Digital-Certificates

We identify our client’s priorities with our strategies of high profitability in the stock market. This unique offer reflects through our first Digital-Certificates worldwide, with monthly profitability in a safe and guaranteed way.

We are Part of the World of the Blockchain that is Changing Art Security.

We are innovative with alternatives like real art with Digital Certificate purchases, facilitating the management from the company’s platform under the solvency and access of the Blue Castle Ventures plataform.


Investment Strategy

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The Loyalty of Our Clients

Our client’s trust comes first, and many who come from places like Russia, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States and Canada can confirm this.

We have trained professionals to ensure that our ideal strategies are supported by recognized institutions in Canada and worldwide.

We assume the market risks and we put excellent prevention into them.

We guarantee the protection of our client’s investments and savings in the short, medium and long term.

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For us, our best investment is our clients, offering differentiated returns with the opportunity to contribute and build long-term relationships of trust.

If you would like to know more about Digital Art or have questions and are looking for more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be excited to assist you.


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