David Rojas

Day Trading Instructor


Day Trading Instructor

Highly motivated and results-oriented international wealth adviser, investment consultant and sales manager with more than nine years of experience. Skilled in developing and managing financial projects. Exceptional communication skills; experience in educating the public on individual and corporate financial health, and conducting related presentations in worldwide venues. Strong active listening and customer service skills; ability to analyze needs of investors and businesses, and offer advice on banking products and services. Languages include English, Spanish and Russian.

Career Highlights

     – Day Trading Instructor Licensed Mutual Funds Dealer in Canada – CANADIAN SECURITIES INSTITUTE (IFC) 

     – Unified accounting systems for companies which have multiples branches internationally.

     – One of the best western C.F.O.’s in Hong Kong in 2016.

     – Guest speaker in many countries around the world.

     – Co-host of different finance sections in press and radio in North America, Europe and Asia. 

    – Interviewed for best practices in personal budgeting and finances.

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